Quantum information science, machine learning,
Variational mechanics

I'm especially interested in the applications of qudit algorithms, graph based neural networks
applied to materials science
, and symplectic structures of mechanics.

Complete Products

Complete papers, posters, and presentations.

Working Notes

Informal notes linked for my own personal use but offered to the public.


Informal presentations of topics with a higher aesthetic polish.

Research, Resources, and Reference

Websites that collate concepts and link relevant resources for projects.

About me

I intend to pursue interesting physics topics throughout my life. Along the way I would like to make and maintain nice things.

  • Trade Skills

    Experience in residential and some light commercial trades including finishing drywall, framing, plumbing, and electrical work.

  • Languages

    Experience with the basics of data manipulation in R and python; basic uses of html and css; and typesetting documents in latex.

  • Research Interests

    Applications of d-ary qudit search algorithms and the application of graph-based neural networks to the discovery of novel solid-state qudits.

  • Academics

    Completed coursework related to differential equations, vector calculus, thermodynamics, solid state physics, electrodynamics, analytical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and optics.

"A puppet is free so long as he loves his strings."