Rough Notes

Some working notes someone may get some use out of.

Here is a lab investigating the electro-optic response of a sample of Lithium Niobate utilizing a Sagnac Intereferometer: Electro-optic Results

Here is a very rough set of notes following along with Tobias Osbourne's lecture series on Symplectic Geometry and Classical Mechanics: Symplectic Notes

Here is a derivation of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics from D'Alembert's Principle that I've been working on: Variational Mechanics

Here is a short presentation I made to introduce (in an informal setting) the Quantum Fourier Transform and Qiskit (a quantum computing module for python) to some interested colleagues: QFT and Qiskit

Here is a longer presentation that introduces some basic quantum algorithms and subroutines (QFT, Phase Estimation, Amplitude Amplification), and simulates them in Qiskit: Quantum Algorithms in Qiskit.
Here are the .ipy notebooks used for the visuals CP(4\( \pi \)/5) Phase estimation, CP(5\( \pi \)/4 ), CP(\( \pi \)/4), Amplitude Amplification of \( \vert 11\rangle \) , 3-qubit QFT Bloch Evolution.